Evaluations and Treatment for Patients with Concussion/TBI

At CNP we are proud to offer our Concussion Clinic, where we educate, accurately diagnose, and offer comprehensive services for patients with traumatic brain injury. The founder of CNP, Dr. Pancholi, has over 15 years of experience in TBI diagnosis, treatment, and research. Prior to private practice, Dr. Pancholi, provided TBI services to active duty military members injured during deployment. She also was instrumental in developing and implementing military TBI assessment and treatment protocols in military hospitals. We offer the following in our Concussion Clinic



  • Baseline Evaluations via IMPACT Testing

  • Post-injury Evaluations via IMPACT Testing

  • Comprehensive TBI/Concussion Evaluations

  • Return to play, school, and work evaluations


  • Headache management

  • Cognitive rehabilitation

  • Educational/Occupational coaching